For Companies

We coach companies in the Helsinki metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa).
Do your business a favor, and invest in your staff’s well-being. Health is much easier and cheaper to treat than disease.

For Groups

Group Coaching is an inexpensive and effective way to workout with a friend or co-workers. Minimum group size 2 persons.

Personal Training

Personal Training is for you, if you want to optimize your personal development.
Online Training is for those, who are comfortable training alone, know the basics and are just looking for an individual plan. 


Very satisfied - competent and professional coaching. Sanna is an empathetic and pleasant coach.
After a long break from training, I had a difficult start training alone. With Sanna's help, I was able to start off. We custom designed a workout program just for me, which made me feel comfortable. We train together regularly to make sure I'm doing the exercises correctly and developing on a suitable pace. My goal is to make exercising a regular part of my life. Sanna empathetic and supportive style suits me really well and I always look forward to our workouts.
Woman, age 43
Workouts are designed precisely to suit your needs, whether you're a beginner or an expert, and her supportive style helps you achieve actual results. The development is clearly visible! Working out is fun again!
Karoliina, age 27
My past six years accommodate a back surgery and two child births. Therefore the basis for increasing strength and muscle tone were far from optimal. I was skeptical at first on the training, but my goal was to get a complete, healthy and toned body, with visible muscles. After a month of training, the group coaching and Sanna's cheering, have made me so excited that I have a hard time staying away from the gym. The neck pains from office work have disappeared, and I've made the first muscle findings. Sanna has a clear and motivating coaching style, which drives you to results. I can see the development and look forward with child-like excitement to every workout! When training during office lunch breaks, there are no family- or work-related excuses for not taking care of your health!
Sarita, age 41
I have never been a big fan of the gym and always preferred outdoor sports. With Sanna, training time at the gym just flies, each time I can’t believe it ends already. I liked her friendly and professional approach from the very beginning. First we discussed to define what are my short and long term goals and then she prepared a program for me accordingly. During the trainings Sanna is very attentive to what is best for her client and do not hesitate to adapt the planned program on the go to make it both more efficient and adapted to the special needs of her client. Sometimes the threshold to go to the gym seems high and I feel I would have so many other things to do instead but once I am there I am always happy that I came because training under Sanna’s direction makes all the difference. One says it is difficult to find the right coach. I am so happy I found Sanna right away. This was the best thing that happened to me this year!
Woman, age +50
When I found Sanna as my personal trainer, it was like winning the lottery! She changed the quality of my life to what everyone would want. I love my job and I like to work long hours, but I now do it with more energy and in better condition than ever. Sanna's coaching style is exemplary. She is always there for her trainee and pays extra attention to proper technique, to prevent injuries. Sanna also has a big heart and tailors to the individual needs of every client, to find the most efficient and quick ways to achieve results. I've been training with Sanna for little over a year, once or twice a week. The results are just amazing.
Eija, Customer +1 year
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We’re your Training and Nutrition Coaches Petri and Sanna from Helsinki, Finland. Our mission is to help our customers feel fresh, more energetic and achieve higher levels of wellness, by finding a balance in their life.

We offer easy-to-follow ways for you to achieve your results and best of all, you’ll learn how your body responds to different foods and exercises.

Whether it be our readymade plans or our fully customized and tailored-to-your-needs programs, you will be the center of attention. We are continuously developing our programs to making them easier to follow and adapting them to fit various lifestyles.

Improved awareness, energy at work, self esteem and overall good feeling are just some of the factors all of us would welcome in our lives. Physical conditioning, body compositions, overall health and -wellness will become integral parts of your life and you will be more comfortable in your own skin.

By helping you find what works for your body, will provide sustainable result and pave way for continuous development.

Coach Sanna

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach

I am a coach, who’s extremely passionate about heath and well-being. I’ve done sports all my life and over the years I have noticed, how the overall balance of health reflects on individual results. After eventually finding my own balance of health, I got the spark to help others. Numerous satisfied customers speak for themselves – Do you want to be the next? With our help you will succeed, as long as you trust the process.

Coach Petri

Personal Trainer

I have trained in many different sports from ice hockey to swimming and water polo. I started training at the gym at age 15, but it was only when I found the optimal ways to train my body, eat and rest, the results began to speak for themselves. Do you dream of change? We will help you to do it.

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